Managing From The Inside Out
Kisumu, Kenya


Wednesday, september 5, 2018

2018 MFTIO Graduates in Kisumu, Kenya

2018 MFTIO Graduates in Kisumu, Kenya


Dear Business Partners and Friends,

We are feeling grateful for the tremendous support and encouragement we received before, during and after our journey to Kisumu, Kenya to facilitate Managing From The Inside Out. It’s hard to believe we returned just two short weeks ago today!

Our Managing From The Inside Out Class was a success with 21 Leader Managers from several vocational and educational backgrounds including Security, Hospitality, Doctors and Physician’s Assistants as well as post-secondary Educators and members of the Faith community.  It was an honor and privilege for our Team to work alongside each Participant.  We were grateful to be a part of the learning opportunity with such dedicated and insightful Leader Managers.

It's incredibly challenging to describe the expansiveness of the journey and the depth of relationships forged on a trip like this.  From the highly dedicated, passionate and engaged Kenyans in our class, to the people we encountered from all walks of life and various countries in each city we visited, we were both humbled by the hospitality and graciousness of those we met as well as inspired by the common bonds we share with others around the world. 

We share the same goals and desires from community to community, business to business and family to family.  We were reminded that the deep desire to find and provide meaning in our own lives and those we hold dear and in the countries where we were given life, is an intrinsic part of each human, we are indeed all part of the human race, sharing the same aspirations.  It is rewarding beyond measure to have the chance to connect in such a meaningful way with others.

As we’ve said before (because we can’t say it enough) without your confidence, trust and advocacy there would be no ‘us’. We’re grateful for your partnership and continuous support as work together to serve communities near and far to provide education, tools and resources to help people grow and businesses flourish.

We look forward to an exciting 4th Quarter of 2018 and wish each of you continued success and growth!

With gratitude,

Laura for our Team


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Kisumu, Kenya / 2016 Managing From The Inside Out Graduates

Kisumu, Kenya / 2016 Managing From The Inside Out Graduates

Dear Business Partners and Friends,

As we near the September 1, 2018 2nd Anniversary of the re-launch of Laura Schanz Consulting Associates, we would like to pause to share our gratitude.  We are keenly aware of the fact that without your confidence, trust and advocacy there would be no ‘us’.  We are tremendously grateful for the privilege of partnership and support of people like you! 

To commemorate the blessing of our 2nd Anniversary, Erica Moe, Katie Williamson and I will be traveling to Kisumu, Kenya in partnership with Impact Kenya Initiative, (link is embedded) to provide Leadership and Management Training to 35-40 business leaders and administrators.  We will be utilizing the Laura Schanz Consulting Associates’ Managing From The Inside Out curriculum and will be sponsoring this trip in lieu of a celebration here in the United States.

We feel extraordinarily grateful and blessed to share this experience and to have the opportunity to engage with business leaders here in the United States and in Kenya as well.  Our hosts and partners in Kenya, Pastor Hesbone Odindo and Dr. Amos Otedo, founders of Impact Kenya Initiative, asked us to share their gratitude with you for your vicarious support.  They are extraordinary leaders and we are privileged to partner with Impact Kenya Initiative.  IKI has a vision to empower and educate youth as well as provide access to quality healthcare.  They seek to develop leaders in Kenya who will have a positive impact on children and youth.

In addition, as a thank you to Erica and Katie for their outstanding commitment, dedication and contribution to our Team, we will be including a 2 day safari in the Mara of Kenya prior to retuning to the United States.

We will be out of the country from Friday, August 24 through Tuesday, September 4, returning to our office, Wednesday, September 5.  In advance of our trip we will be in touch with clients who will be directly impacted by our travel plans, if we have not done so as of this writing.  Our close friend and colleague, Dot Milliken, will be keeping an eye on our email, voice mail and office intermittently in our absence.

In the meantime, we count you and your Team among those who have played a significant role in our growth and success and thank you for your advocacy, partnership and support as we celebrate the milestone of year 2!

With gratitude and wishing you continued growth and success,

Laura for our Team

P.S. Stay tuned for images from the 2018 Trip here!